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Popular Science : declared in Moth gut bacteria could help create new antibiotics

as declared in The researchers think this idea of using one ‘safe’ species of bacteria to fend and kill off invading, toxic bacteria could be an effective way to create new types of antibiotics.
Researchers took a group of Enterococcus bacteria from the young larvae and watched how they interacted with each other.
Deadly bacteria quickly evolve so to survive the antibiotics that once killed them off, so fighting their increasing resistance to drugs is a never-ending tug-of-war.
Scientists have known for a while that this species exists in high numbers inside the larval gut of a particular moth species, the cotton leaf worm, S. Littoralis.
A 2012 study found that that this one species alone makes up about 40 percent of the entire microbial makeup of that moth’s gut.

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Your gut is full of trillions of bacteria

The human gut holds more than 100 trillion microbial cells that can alter one’s physiology, metabolism, immunity and nutritionYour gut is full of trillions of bacteria: Here’s how to keep it healthyThe microbiota in your gut can have a huge impact on your health, and more studies and health experts are supporting the once far-fetched idea.
Serotonin transporter plays an important role in battling depression, Alzheimer’s Disease, sudden infant death syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder.
“But the importance of the gut microbiota in immunity and other parts of the body has progressively become more of a consensus view in central research focus.
Another study in Wisconsin linked poor microbiome health to Parkinson’s Disease, since many patients with the degenerative disorder reported digestive issues prior to diagnoses.
Honig echoes what experts have been saying for years – the health of the human microbiome is important, but it’s not fully understood how the trillions of microbial cells operate.
Study ties inflammation, gut bacteria to type 1 diabetes

according to Learn more about type 1 diabetes from the Diabetes Research Institute.
He is deputy director of the San Raffaele Diabetes Research Institute in Milan.
The people with type 1 diabetes also showed a different and distinct combination of gut bacteria.
By using tissue samples taken from endoscopy, the researchers were able to directly assess changes in gut inflammation and digestive bacteria.
Out of every 1,000 adult Americans, between one and five have type 1 diabetes, according to the Endocrine Society.

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