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iTech Post : declared in Gut Microbe Possible New Treatment For Autism

as mentioned in The fecal transplant involves transferring live gut bacteria that contains about 1,000 different species of gut bacteria to act as probiotics.
Gut Microbe Possible New Treatment For AutismChildren with autism are likely to have stomach problems as compared to their peers.
Scientists have now shown that by changing gut microbe, stomach problems and behavioral issues with the condition are alleviated.
The connection between gut microbe and the development and behavior are gaining interest in the scientific community.
Previous researches have shown that there are fewer types of gut bacteria and less overall bacteria in children with autism.

according to

New Study Supports the Link Between Autism and Gut Microbes

Using past research that concluded that there were ties between ASD and gut microbe diversity as a foundation, the team attempted to make the gut microbiome of children with autism more closely resemble that of non-ASD children.
A new method of treating ASD is being investigated by researchers from Arizona State University, Ohio State University, and the University of Minnesota.
The study involved 18 children between the ages of seven and 16 with autism.
One of the more promising aspects of the study is that some of the implanted bacteria remained even after treatment ended.
Tummy TroublesAutism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a group of developmental disorders categorized by a range of symptoms and behaviors.
New Autism Treatment Could Come from Altering Gut Microbiota

according to Click Image To Enlarge + Researchers take novel approach in the search for effective autism treatments by focusing on improving the gut microbiome through fecal microbial transplants.
Fecal microbial transplants involve the transfer of live gut bacteria from a healthy donor to a recipient.
The donor materials contain around 1000 different species of gut bacteria that act as a broad-spectrum probiotic treatment to restore normal gut bacteria in recipients.
“Although we see promise in this treatment, it is important that parents and children consult their physicians,” Dr. Krajmalnik-Brown stated.
We look forward to continuing research on this treatment method with a larger, placebo-controlled trial in the future.”

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