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Pet Rats Linked To Virus Outbreak In Illinois: CDC stat : Patch

as informed in CDC officials are working with the Illinois and Wisconsin departments of health to investigate the Seoul virus outbreak – the first known outbreak associated with pet rats in the country.
The Seoul virus is a member of the hantavirus family of rodent-borne diseases, according to the CDC.
Seoul virus is carried by Norway rats, found around the world.
Subsequent blood tests confirmed that the infection was the Seoul virus.
Six cases were discovered at an Illinois rat breeder after investigators learned that two patients in Wisconsin had worked with rodents from the facility.

Pet Rats Linked To Virus Outbreak In Illinois: CDC

according to The virus was named Seoul virus after it was first reported in the South Korean capital.
The Illinois Department of Health is looking for people who either purchased or were exposed to any infected rats, a spokeswoman said today, noting that it is also looking to find out where the infected rats where purchased from.
The CDC epidemiologists are now searching to see if any other customers who bought pet rats might be ill and to ensure any infected rats are not sold.
Officials first discovered the outbreak when a home-breeder of pet rats was hospitalized last December with fever, headache and other Seoul virus symptoms in Wisconsin.
Federal and state health officials are investigating an outbreak of the dangerous Seoul virus, which has sickened at least eight people after they came into contact with infected pet rats.

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Pet Rats in US Caused Seoul Virus Outbreak

The CDC has issued a report on how pet rats in Illinois and Wisconsin may have caused an outbreak of Seoul virus.
The CDC is working at full tilt to contain the Seoul virus and has issued guidelines for those with pet rats in their homes.
Don’t Miss: Hottest CES 2017 AnnouncementsThis is the first time that the disease seems to have been spread by pet rats.
It was soon determined that the Seoul Virus, which is a rodent-carried hantavirus, was responsible for the outbreak in Wisconsin and Illinois.
On a global level, the Seoul virus is transmitted by Norway rats.

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