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President Donald Trump’s first executive order called a “bomb” by one health care expert stat : Salon

as mentioned in Donald Trump’s first order of business as president was to sign an executive order instructing federal agencies to relieve the “burdens” of the Affordable Care Act.
One health care expert who has been monitoring the ACA told The Washington Post that Trump’s executive order was a “bomb” tossed into the “already shaky” insurance market.
The mandate was written into the law, however, so an executive order cannot exactly repeal that provision.
The primary purpose of the order appeared to be the elimination of the insurance mandate: This provision of the ACA requires all Americans to have health insurance or pay a tax penalty.
But the law does empower the executive branch to enforce the penalties of the insurance requirement, so the order may have effectively neutered the mandate.

President Donald Trump’s first executive order called a “bomb” by one health care expert

referring to Dental cleanings won’t solve all your health care woes, but with 90 percent of the body’s diseases showing signs and symptoms in the mouth, businesses are well advised to make dental care a cornerstone of their health care strategies.
As president of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Wisconsin, the pain point I hear from business people across all industries is rising health care costs.
I, like most everyone in health care, agree that doctors, insurers and consumers all need to do more to help rein in costs.
Integrated health care programs, where members have both medical and dental benefits, like Anthem Whole Health Connection, link dental data to medical data, empowering personalized, proactive treatment of the whole person.
Look for health plans that offer “integrated dental benefits” – a fancy way of saying that your medical and dental plans that work together to promote overall employee health.
Brushing up on health care costs

referring to With concerns about health care and it’s rapidly rising costs mounting, how can savvy advisers most effectively incorporate health care costs and concerns into client plans?
Between 2015 and 2025, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services predict that per-capita health care costs will increase about 4.9% annually.
When incorporating health care costs into clients’ plans, most advisers take a conservative approach.
Not coincidentally, health care costs are growing faster than overall inflation.
Rick Kahler says some clients don’t want to deal with the ‘bad mojo’ of health care costs.

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