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The Washington Post : declared in The horrifying way some drug addicts are now getting their fix

referring to “The opioid drug problem is big, and it’s not getting any smaller,” Arnold, with the DEA, told The Post.
After the veterinarian sewed up a cut, Pereira requested Tramadol, a drug used to treat pain in both animals and humans.
It is hard to find someone whose life hasn’t been affected in some way by the ongoing opioid crisis in our country.
(J.P. Moczulski/Reuters)It was the third time Heather Pereira had taken her golden retriever to the same neighborhood animal clinic in Kentucky.
“Unless it gets to be a bigger problem, it’s asking a lot,” he said about reporting the prescription medications.

As it stated in

A way to predict who’ll become a drug addict

“Probably 80 percent of the time it’s a bad idea to prescribe opioids,” Seidner said.
Getting rid of the chronic pain and the potential addiction is the other.
“It’s like pushing on one side of a balloon,” said Travelers’ Seidner.
“Instead, we use therapy that will change behavior.”Seidner and his team have analyzed 20,000 cases of opioid addiction since 2015, identified 9,000 at-risk patients and worked with 2,500 of them.
“Most take opioids to relieve suffering from chronic pain.”And that’s scary because it puts an estimated 50 million Americans who suffer from chronic pain in the cross-hairs of potential addiction.
Researcher finds potential way to reduce drug cravings

As it stated in “The VNS treatment might reinforce that abstinence, eventually weaning them off the drug-related behavior and protecting them better from the cravings.”
They clearly haven’t forgotten what the lever used to do and still have cravings for the drug,” Kroener said.
Like Kroener’s research on anxiety, the drug addiction study sought to extinguish memories.
“When a subject is addicted to a drug, extinction is a method to help them re-learn behaviors – so they are able to take different actions.”
“That’s what you want in addiction treatment,” he said.

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