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E-Cigarette Is Inciting Adolescents to Use Tobacco and Nicotine: Study Reveals according to : tecake.in

according to According to a recently published study, E-Cigarettes are tempting youths to use tobacco as smoking element and hence the rate of tobacco users in the United State is ballooning gradually.
And this is clearly indicating how the consumption of e-cigarette is driving youths towards a more dangerous edge of tobacco and nicotine consumption.
In other words, the introduction of E-cigarette is slowly tempting the youth generation of Adolescents to use nicotine as their smoking element.
As suggested in the new U.S study, published on Monday, 23rd January 2017, E-cigarettes, being a sophisticated substitute to smoking, are actually inciting younger generation for using tobacco products for smoking.
It is provoking the youths to smoke and munch through nicotine and tobacco.

E-Cigarette Is Inciting Adolescents to Use Tobacco and Nicotine: Study Reveals

as declared in However, teen cigarette smoking rates did not decline faster after the arrival of e-cigarettes in the U.S. between 2007 and 2009.
During the study period, the overall percentages of teens who reported smoking decreased from 40 percent to 22 percent.
While teen cigarette smokers in the study often appeared to fit this profile, adolescents who used only e-cigarettes didn’t display these risk factors.
E-cigarettes aren’t tied to a decline in teen smoking and the devices may actually tempt some youth to try traditional cigarettes — teens who would otherwise not be drawn to tobacco at all, a U.S. study released Monday suggested.
Combined e-cigarette and cigarette use among adolescents in 2014 was higher than total cigarette use in 2009, the study found.

E-Cigarettes Encourage Youth To Use Tobacco Products, New Study Suggests : HEALTH : Tech Times

as declared in Dutra added that any decrease in youth smoking has occurred largely due the result of tobacco control efforts, e-cigarettes has no part in it.
AdvertisementE-cigarettes have been thought to be a healthier alternative to smoking and it is widely believed that e-cigarettes have helped reduce the number of youth smokers.
In this study, researchers analyzed the data of more than 140,000 middle and high school students who took part in the CDC’s National Youth Tobacco Survey from 2004 to 2014.
“E-cigarettes are encouraging – not discouraging – youth to smoke and to consume nicotine, and are expanding the tobacco market,” says Stanton A. Glantz, senior author of the study.
The researchers of this particular study stressed on the point that they didn’t came across any substantial evidence which proves that e-cigarettes have reduced the number of youth smokers.

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