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Drug Pricing Sets Up First Trump vs. Old Guard GOP Test stat : Life Zette

as mentioned in But part of Trump’s campaign was reaching out to blue-collar workers and the unemployed.
Medicare Part D was installed by Republican President George W. Bush and a Republican Congress in 2003.
Trump, a Republican, has been fairly outspoken in his criticism of high prescription drug prices and suggests Congress is not being tough enough in negotiations with Big Pharma.
The libertarian wing of the Republican Party is bound to make trouble for any plans President Trump has to regulate drug pricing, or to come down harder on manufacturers in negotiations.
The industry has been supported well by the Republicans, who in turn received the majority of campaign contributions from drug makers.

Drug Pricing Sets Up First Trump vs. Old Guard GOP Test

as mentioned in Whether freeing the government to negotiate on drug prices would lower costs, however, is anything but clear.
Supporters say that if the United States government were allowed to negotiate drug prices for all 41 million Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in drug coverage, it would lead to lower prices across the health care market.
Their government-run health programs are the only game in town and hold significant power in setting drug prices.
In those cases, drug companies hold the bargaining power, no matter who is on the other side of the table.
Those who favor letting the federal government negotiate directly on drug prices argue that other countries, including Canada and Britain, already have that leverage with many multinational drug corporations.
The Fight Trump Faces Over Drug Prices

as mentioned in Unfortunately, both of these approaches are more likely to boost not only prescription drug prices but also costs to taxpayers.
However, there are actions President Trump and Congress can take to lower drug costs.
President Donald Trump has put forward two ideas for lowering the cost of prescription drugs in the United States.
The 340B program provides drug manufacturers the same incentive to raise drug prices in the private sector as does Medicaid.
To participate in Medicaid, a drug manufacturer must offer Medicaid a discount based on the average private sector price of each drug it sells to Medicaid.

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