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Yale releases report on curbing opioid addiction stat : WTNH

referring to NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Yale researchers may have found a new way to treat opioid addiction.
A study just published states they uncovered a type gene that may help personalize treatment.
opioid addiction has become a national epidemic, and improving the effectiveness of medical therapies has to be a priority,” said Andrew H. Smith, a student in the Yale M.D./Ph.D.
The results of their genome-wide association study were published Jan. 24 in the Journal Molecular Psychiatry.
They say identifying that gene can help them target addicts who may need higher doses of methadone.

Yale releases report on curbing opioid addiction

As it stated in Yale researchers have discovered a genetic variant that may assist in personalizing treatment of opioid addiction.
No such effect was found among subjects of European ancestry who underwent methadone treatment.
Patients receiving methadone treatment vary widely in their dose requirements.
The variant could be used as a biomarker, helping tailor treatment for African-Americans with an opioid use disorder, note the investigators.
The variant helped identify African Americans who might need higher doses of methadone — the most effective treatment for those dependent upon heroin or prescription painkillers.
Gene variants may help personalize treatment for opioid addiction

As it stated in Scott Walker is looking to engage state agencies like the Department of Corrections in the fight against cases of opioid addiction in Wisconsin.
Walker’s executive orders are based on a report from the Governor’s Task Force on opioid Abuse and look to change how state agencies handle opioid and drug addiction.
Even if participants take a little bit of heroin after taking Vivitrol and getting over their addiction, they can die.
The DOC will also continue a pilot program giving volunteer participants a drug called Vivitrol as part of the order.
Taking Vivitrol allows participants to get over their addiction but can have fatal effects if participants relapse.

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