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Local education leaders split on Trump nominee Betsy DeVos quoting : WBIR

referring to More than 100 Knox County Education Association Supporters held a press conference Tuesday to denounce President Trump’s nominee for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.
At Knoxville’s The Goddard School, educators believe Trump and DeVos could help families by putting more money into voucher programs.
But the aide said, “Betsy DeVos supports great teachers, strong public schools and working to ensure the safety and opportunity of all students.”
“Everybody has an interest in public schools, it’s how we create the public,” said SPEAK President Dave Gorman.
The Goddard School does not accept vouchers, but leaders there believe DeVos could be good for middle and low income families looking to gain access to private education.

Local education leaders split on Trump nominee Betsy DeVos

as declared in Independent Sen. Angus King of Maine said Tuesday that he will vote against confirming Betsy DeVos as federal education secretary but will support two of President Trump’s other Cabinet nominees.
Related Headlines Sen. Angus King will vote against Trump’s EPA pick“To say she’s a proponent of school choice is an understatement,” King said.
In an interview with the Press Herald on Tuesday, King said he was troubled by her lack of commitment to the public education system that the U.S. Department of Education oversees.
My dad used to say that public schools are the idea at the heart of democracy.
“Her whole career has been school choice to the exclusion of the basic public education system, and I am just such a firm believer in public education that I can’t go that far.”“Nobody argues that the public education system is perfect or can’t be improved, and I think that’s where the emphasis should be,” he added.

as declared in

Plain Talk: Chasm separates Betsy DeVos and Bert Grover on education

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