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How Republicans Can Keep Donald Trump’s Promises On Healthcare quoting : Forbes

As it stated in This is one reason why there has been no overall change in the percent of workers getting insurance from employers.
As Andrew Puzder, Donald Trump’s choice for Secretary of labor has pointed out, 92% of all low-wage employees turn down these offers.
First, virtually all new government spending for private health insurance under Obamacare is going to the most dysfunctional part of the health care system – the individual market.
One way to think about Donald Trump’s campaign promise is to see that he wants to make health insurance less expensive and better for the first two groups without leaving the third group permanently uninsured.
Another 11 million or so people are getting individual insurance outside the exchanges.

How Republicans Can Keep Donald Trump's Promises On Healthcare

according to In executive orders, it’s largely taking executive agencies and ordering them to do something.
So, President Obama, for example, issued executive actions around DACA, and then President Trump is going to—you know, theoretically can come in and redo that.
And just as an example, things like interning the Japanese were presidential orders, things like that.
AMY GOODMAN: So you had, for example, one of the first executive orders that President Obama issued in 2009 was closing Guantánamo in a year.
But we have to remember that they’re not the same as federal law and laws that pass by Congress.

according to

Will Trump’s Executive Order Rattle Healthcare Market?

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