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Fat shaming ‘increases risk of heart disease’ quoting : Irish Examiner

according to Fat shaming is unkind and you shouldn’t do it, because, you know, you’re a decent person.
They assumed these internalised feelings were a result of receiving personally directed or general negative messages about weight, aka fat shaming.
Those with high internalised weight bias were three times as likely to have metabolic syndrome, and six times as prone to high levels of fat in the blood.
Katie Hopkins has been criticised for fat shaming, amongst other things (Philip Toscano/PA)The study gave obese patients a questionnaire that gauged their “weight bias internalisation” and depression.
A new study published in the journal Obesity has found that internalised shame around being fat is associated with an increased health risk.

Fat shaming 'increases risk of heart disease'

As it stated in They were asked to complete baseline questionnaires measuring depression and weight bias internalization before any intervention was given.
Participants also underwent medical examinations, which determined whether they had a diagnosis of metabolic syndrome and a cluster of risk factors.
Body shaming drives up an obese person’s risk of developing heart disease, a new study claims.
Weight bias internalization occurs when people apply negative weight stereotypes to themselves, such as believing they are lazy or unattractive, and devalue themselves because of their weight.
Initially, no relationship was observed between weight bias internalization and metabolic syndrome when controlling for participant demographics, such as age, gender and race.

As it stated in

Devaluing oneself due to weight may increase risk of heart disease, diabetes

The participants also underwent medical examinations and were stratified into two groups – high and low levels of weight bias internalisation.
The popular misconception that criticising fat people will make them work on reducing weight is wrong and instead has negative effects on the person.
(Photo: AFP)Washington D.C.: A study reveals that people who feel unattractive and devalue themselves because of their weight are at heightened risk of heart disease and type 2 Diabetes.The study was published in Obesity, the journal.
“There is a common misconception that stigma might help motivate individuals with Obesity to lose weight and improve their health,” said lead author Rebecca Pearl.
The findings indicate that people with high internalisation were three times more likely to have metabolic syndrome – cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes – and six times more likely to have high triglycerides as compared to participants with low internalisation.

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