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Psychological ‘Vaccine’ Could Help Immunize Against Fake News according to : Psych Central

as informed in Social psychologists believe that a similar logic can be applied to help “inoculate” the public against misinformation, including the damaging influence of fake news websites propagating myths about climate change.
This website claims to hold a petition signed by “over 31,000 American scientists” stating there is no evidence that human CO2 release will cause climate change.
A new study compared reactions to a well-known climate change fact with those to a popular misinformation campaign.
“A lot of people’s attitudes toward climate change aren’t very firm.
This “inoculation” helped shift and hold opinions closer to the truth, despite the follow-up exposure to fake news, the researchers reported.

Psychological ‘Vaccine’ Could Help Immunize Against Fake News

referring to It might be possible to prevent people from falling prey to fake news by “inoculating” them with warnings that false information is out there, new research suggests.
A 2010 study in the journal Political Behavior found that issuing a correction after presenting false information didn’t correct people’s impressions of the facts.
Then, the researchers showed those participants the false information about scientific disagreement.
This warning prevented the false information from taking hold in a way that wasn’t possible by simply providing people with the correct facts after giving them a false statement, the researchers reported Jan. 23 in the journal Global Challenges.
Studies of active climate scientists have found that between 82 percent and 97 percent of them agree that climate change is happening, and is human-caused.

Psychologists Have Developed a ‘Vaccine’ Against Fake News — Science of Us

referring to To stop it, then, you treat it like a virus: Increase the defenses of people likely to be infected by fake news.
According to a study published today in the journal Global Challenges, a similar principle may help boost people’s immunity toward a different kind of plague: fake news.
Those who had seen both items without the so-called “inoculation” didn’t change their opinion.
In the first part of the study, the authors tested out a handful of false statements about climate change on a nationally representative sample of volunteers, asking them how believable and convincing they found each one to be.
Others viewed a chart showing that 97 percent of scientists agreed climate change was man-made (a figure generally agreed upon in climate research), or saw both the chart and then the lie, in that order.

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