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Tampa Bay : declared in Trulieve opens medical marijuana dispensary in Tampa

according to On Thursday, the Port Richey resident was one of the first patients in Hillsborough County’s newest medical marijuana dispensary.
Rick Scott signed a law that allows the use of full-strength medical marijuana for patients who are within one year of death.
That and Trulieve’s dispensary were permitted before the Hills­borough County Commission approved a six-month moratorium on new locations.
Their doctors had already prescribed them a form and dosage of medical marijuana and put the information in a registry that the dispensary checks when the patient arrives.
Now Morris is back in Florida, where medical marijuana recently became legal.

according to

NY keeps medical marijuana doctors secret, hampering access

It’s the latest example of the department’s resistance to providing public information about the medical marijuana program.
The department’s figures tend to support Hoffnung’s contention that there is a great, unmet humanitarian demand for medical marijuana.
Among them are a lack of access to doctors who have undergone the training and certification that allows them to connect patients with medical marijuana providers.
Also as of this week, 12,500 patients had registered to receive medical marijuana, up from about 5,000 in July.
It also pointed to concerns about safety of the registered doctors, but physicians do not directly prescribe medical marijuana, nor is it allowed to be kept at a doctor’s office or traditional pharmacy.

according to

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