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The Wall Street Journal : declared in New Bird Flu Strain Threatens U.S. Flocks

according to Related: Watch Out for H7N9 Bird Flu, WHO SaysH7N9 is one of several strains of bird Flu that officials are watching because they have the potential to cause a human pandemic.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a new travel warning about bird Flu in China.
Related: H7N9 Bird Flu Spreads Like Ordinary Flu”There are no recommendations against travel to China.”
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It says the H7N9 strain of bird flu appears to be unusually active again and advises people traveling to China should stay away from chickens and poultry markets.

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Latest Bout of Bird Flu Threatens U.S. Poultry Flocks

Latest Bout of Bird Flu Threatens U.S. Poultry Flocks

as informed in Bird flu is usually spread through flocks through direct contact with an infected bird.
According to the WHO, more than 900 people have been infected with H7N9 bird flu since it emerged in early 2013.
Russia’s agriculture watchdog issued a statement describing the situation as “extremely tense” as it reported H5N8 flu outbreaks in another four regions.
But Osterholm said wild birds could be “shedding” more of the virus in droppings and other secretions, increasing infection risks.
The United States has, so far this year, largely escaped bird flu, but is on high alert after outbreaks of H5N2, a highly pathogenic bird flu, hit farms in 15 states in 2015 and led to the culling of more than 43 million poultry.
Proliferation of Bird Flu Outbreaks Raises Risk of Human Pandemic

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