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News and Sentinel : reported that Ohio officials: Give vaccine a shot to avoid the flu

as declared in “The components of the flu vaccination match the flu virus very well according to the CDC,” she said.
Fijter said the flu vaccination has been updated this year to better match the flu virus.
Although there have been 654 total flu-associated hospitalizations, Washington County hasn’t seen a peak in the illness so far.
MARIETTA — The flu is widespread throughout Ohio, but only a few serious cases reported in southeast Ohio and Washington County.
“The flu is unpredictable and we never know how severe the season will be.”According to the Ohio Department of health, there were 3,691 total flu-associated hospitalizations during last year’s flu season in Ohio.

As it stated in

Mandatory flu vaccine policies are called into question

The article was published in 2006 and she and her coauthors eventually persuaded the flu world that flu vaccine could not have such a big effect.
And she supports mandatory vaccination policies for some conditions, if there’s clear evidence that unvaccinated health workers pose a risk to patients.
That is not to say that the group of epidemiologists from Canada, Australia, and France behind the new research opposes the flu vaccine.
“The study today does not refute that vaccination could have some impact on reducing transmission from infected health care workers to patients.
It’s an edict that comes out every autumn in many hospitals: If health care workers don’t get a flu shot, they will face consequences.

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