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Trim payments to priciest health care providers stat : Sentinel and Enterprise

as informed in Trimming those high-end health providers’ payments would signal the end of business as usual, and might encourage other health-insurance companies to demand similar concessions.
Charlie Baker’s proposed $40.5 billion fiscal 2018 budget would put a ceiling on the increase in payments to the most expensive health-care providers.
Better known as the GIC, this taxpayer-funded, semiautonomous state agency happens to be the biggest purchaser of health insurance in the state.
If the Group Insurance Commission had its way, it would not only cap payments to the most expensive health-care providers; it would actually reduce them.
From the state budget to household budgets, insurance premiums continue to take a larger share of our disposable incomes.

Trim payments to priciest health care providers

as mentioned in It found that even as few Americans want to keep the health law in its current form, many provisions enjoy broad popularity.
A new poll by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research finds that 56 percent of U.S. adults are “extremely” or “very” concerned that many will lose health insurance if the health overhaul is repealed.
She favors repealing the Obama health law, but not until Congress and President Donald Trump have a replacement ready.
The exception: the law’s requirement that most Americans carry health insurance or face fines.
Another 45 percent of Republicans say they’re “somewhat” concerned.
AP-NORC Poll: Broad worries about potential health care loss

as mentioned in On Thursday morning, some of the concerned took to the streets of Juneau to protest the possible health care law repeal, writing messages like “healthcare is a human right” on poster board.
According to Health and Social Services, more than 27,415 Alaskans now have health care coverage because of Medicaid Expansion, that would not have coverage otherwise.
That would cost me enormous amounts of money,” Bridges said.
That has people like Doug Bridges worried.
Earlier this month, Walker sent a letter to Congressman Kevin McCarthy urging flexibility and support for individual states to keep health care systems that meet their local needs.

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