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Trump Undermines Americans’ Healthcare Access Out of Spite stat : NYMag

As it stated in The more such consumers get in the habit of buying health insurance, the lower the costs in the future should be for everyone else.
By January 4, 8.8 million individuals had signed up for ACA coverage — already an increase over the previous year.
Still, one could not fairly claim that no Americans would benefit from ACA repeal.
Lower ACA enrollment does not help anyone.
But the Trump administration’s latest attack on Obamacare will benefit no one — except, perhaps, some “career politicians” in Washington, D.C.

Trump Undermines Americans’ Healthcare Access Out of Spite

as mentioned in Now that he’s officially taken office, the changes Donald Trump will make to women’s healthcare are becoming more imminent.
Several other measures Trump has taken or plans to take could be described the same way.
This is likely just one of many laws he’ll pass related to reproductive rights and other women’s health issues.
Based on the plan he laid out in October, promises he made during his campaign, and actions he’s already taken, here are all the changes — or at least, the ones we know of so far — that we can expect to see to women’s healthcare during Trump’s first 100 days in office.
One of the most recent examples is his decision to revive the Mexico City Policy, also known as the Global Gag Rule, which denies federal funds to international non-profits that have anything to do with abortion.
All The Changes Trump Wants To Make To Women's Healthcare During The First 100 Days Of His Presidency

as mentioned in (This version of the story was refiled to correct company name to Fisher & Paykel Healthcare throughout)(Reporting by Charlotte Greenfield; Editing by Bill Tarrant)
SECOND MEXICAN FACTORYJitters over the proposed tariffs sent shares in Fisher & Paykel Healthcare down 3.1 percent on Friday, its largest daily percentage loss in more than two months.
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare expects full-year net profit after tax to be between NZ$165 million ($119.44 million) and NZ$170 million, according to forecasts provided in November.
Shifting production to New Zealand could raise production costs, said Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s chief executive Lewis Gradon.
Fisher & Paykel would still manufacture products destined for its non-U.S. markets in Mexico, Gradon said, and could benefit from the cheaper labor costs there as the Mexican peso weakens.

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