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Philippines to suspend drug war to clean up ‘corrupt’ police quoting : BBC

as mentioned in Speaking on Monday, Mr Dela Rosa said Mr Duterte “told us to clean the organisation first”.
It’s in your system,” Mr Duterte said, adding that he thought up to 40% of policemen were used to corruption.
Mr Duterte had sanctioned extra-judicial killings previously, saying he would pardon policemen who kill criminals and civilians in the line of duty.
Jonathan Head, South East Asia correspondent, BBC News: Police too taintedFor eight months President Duterte has been unrepentant as the death toll from his drug war has risen.
Mr Duterte now accuses the police force of being “corrupt to the core”.

Philippines to suspend drug war to clean up 'corrupt' police

according to Head of national police force says anti-drugs units will be disbanded until ‘rogue’ officers have been ‘cleansed’.
Police in the Philippines are suspending their war on drugs until they have “cleansed” their ranks of “rogue” officers, the head of the national police force has said.
The president told us to clean the organisation first.
“We will cleanse our ranks … then maybe after that, we can resume our war on drugs.
We no longer have a war on drugs,” Dela Rosa said.

according to

How the war on drugs has made drug traffickers more ruthless and efficient

The drug traffickers, then, became more efficient in response to drug war policies.
At the same time, the drug war and risk of capture for drug traffickers do have an insidious effect: It pushes drug trafficking groups to become smarter in how they smuggle drugs.
German LopezSo it sounds like the argument is basically that the drug war might make drugs more expensive, but it doesn’t make the drug expensive enough.
But over time, drug traffickers have begun to trade more and more in an even more potent (and deadlier) opioid: fentanyl.
These types of unintended consequences are why Tree says we should totally rethink the drug war.

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