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Indiana medical marijuana backers take hope in bill hearing quoting : WISHTV

as declared in INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — When the Indiana Legislature allowed a Senate committee to hear testimony on a medical marijuana-related bill, some proponents saw a glimmer of hope.
There are more than 10 Indiana bills that have been proposed this session pertaining to medical marijuana in some form or another.
He also stressed that he has no public stance on the merits of full-scale medical marijuana.
To distinguish the bill from full-scale medical marijuana programs other states have adopted, Doriot and his co-sponsor state Sen. Jim Tomes call it a “hemp” measure.
Although federal law still considers marijuana illegal, more than half of U.S. states, including some conservative ones, have legalized full-scale medical marijuana for the treatment of certain conditions.

Indiana medical marijuana backers take hope in bill hearing

referring to This matters because it has implications for how we treat pain and how we assess the value of medical marijuana.
The most common reason that people seek out medical marijuana is for chronic pain.
In states that have legalized medical marijuana for pain, addiction and opioid overdose rates have dropped.
That’s why there are so many different ways to treat pain.
The marijuana bought at one dispensary in California is going to be very different from an oil bought at another Colorado medical marijuana shop; both will be different from a cannabinoid drug designed to help with pain.

referring to

Discounts planned for repeat New York medical marijuana customers

Kevin Hernandez is one of thousands of beneficiaries of the state-run medical marijuana program.
A Capital Region practitioner who is registered for the medical marijuana program has found similar numbers of one-time buyers among his patient base.
Even those who can afford high-cost New York-sanctioned medical marijuana products are careful about how often they use them.
As of last week, 12,764 patients had been certified by 833 practitioners to take part in the medical marijuana program.
For Christine Hernandez, helping Kevin, who uses Etain products, obtain medical marijuana isn’t something that is open to debate, even with the high prices.

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