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Mandatory flu vaccine policies are called into question quoting : STAT

according to The article was published in 2006 and she and her coauthors eventually persuaded the flu world that flu vaccine could not have such a big effect.
And she supports mandatory vaccination policies for some conditions, if there’s clear evidence that unvaccinated health workers pose a risk to patients.
That is not to say that the group of epidemiologists from Canada, Australia, and France behind the new research opposes the flu vaccine.
“The study today does not refute that vaccination could have some impact on reducing transmission from infected health care workers to patients.
It’s an edict that comes out every autumn in many hospitals: If health care workers don’t get a flu shot, they will face consequences.

Mandatory flu vaccine policies are called into question

referring to Scientists at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry have developed the two new vaccines for canine influenza.
According to the scientists, the new vaccine could not only help doggy health, but human health as well, by preventing canine transmission of new flu strains to people.
Using a techniques called reserve genetics, the team removed an NS1 protein from the virus, then used it to create the vaccine.
The next step is clinical trials of the vaccine in dogs.
Previous studies have shown that the removal of this protein prevents the vaccine from causing illness.

referring to

vaccine policy​: Swine flu re-run: Experts warn of deadly virus cocktail & lack of vaccine policy

He says, “Usually December-February is when swine flu cases are reported as the cold is favourable for the virus.”
HYDERABAD: Experts blame the sudden spurt, as well as annual recurrence, of swine flu (H1N1) cases on the lack of ‘vaccine policy’ in the country.
“There is a possibility that the animal adapted influenza viruses undergo genetic rearrangements and select for traits that favour adaptation to new hosts.
Referring to bird flu, Maithal says,”In case it spreads to humans, considering that there is no vaccine, it can lead to a severe pandemic in India.”
He says, “The basic backbone of all influenza viruses is very similar.

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