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France Bans Unlimited Sugary Drink Deals To Stave Off Obesity Crisis quoting : heatst

as informed in Restaurants, cafes and canteens in France have been banned from offering customers unlimited amounts of sugary drinks in an attempt to reduce obesity.
The aim of the law is to “limit, especially among the young, the risks of obesity, overweight and diabetes” in line with WHO recommendations.
The new law makes it illegal to offer all-you-can-drink deals anywhere in France, where the number of overweight or obese people has increased in recent years.
The new law in France also targets sports drinks containing added sugar or sweeteners.
French people are on average slimmer than UK citizens (20.1 per cent) but fatter than Italians (10.7 per cent).

France Bans Unlimited Sugary Drink Deals To Stave Off Obesity Crisis

as informed in France Bans Refills Of Sugary DrinksThe regulation is the latest effort to decrease the “relentless rise” in the national obesity rate, as the government called it.
Among the European countries, Malta has the highest obesity rate at 26 percent, while the lowest shares of obesity were recorded in Romania, at 9.4 percent.
AdvertisementRestaurants in France will face prosecution starting Jan. 27 should they offer unlimited soda refills to customers.
The same report suggests that obesity rates can be correlated to education.
No significant difference in prevalence was observed between middle-aged and older adults,” a National Center for Health Statistics data brief reported.

as informed in

France Is Banning Unlimited Soda Refills to Fight Obesity

France has banned restaurants from offering unlimited refills of soda and sugary drinks , the latest bid to decrease the rise in the nation’s obesity rate.
The new order, implemented on Jan. 27, will mean that hotels, restaurants and school cafeterias will no longer have soda fountains.
Even though France’s overall obesity rate is relatively low—41% of women and 57% of men between 30 to 60 were obese or overweight —the laws are in accordance with World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations.
WHO presented statistics in 2016 on the good effects of imposing a sugar tax.
The move is part of a spate of health initiatives implemented by the country, which includes a “soda tax” imposed on sweetened drinks, a ban on vending machines in schools and a limit on the servings of french fries to once a week in schools, the New York Times reports .

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