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Kroger now dispensing opioid antidote without a prescription according to : WDBJ7

as informed in Kroger pharmacies in Virginia are now dispensing Naloxone, a medication that can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.
On Monday, Kroger announced all 64 of its pharmacies in Virginia are carrying the medication.
Last year more people died from opioid overdoses in Virginia, than were killed in car accidents.
The state has been working to expand the availability of the antidote, and the state health commissioner recently issued a standing order that allows Virginians to obtain the drug without a prescription.
Leah Wilson is the Pharmacy Manager at the Tanglewood Kroger in Roanoke County.

Kroger now dispensing opioid antidote without a prescription

As it stated in Tolerance to opioid painkillers happens when the brain cells with opioid receptors — the keyholes where the opioids fit — become less responsive to the opioid stimulation over time.
Photo credit: Getty opioid painkillers can have effects similar to heroin and morphine, especially when taken in ways other than prescribed by a doctor.
For severe pain, doctors typically prescribe opioid painkillers like morphine for a period of four to 12 hours, according to the Mayo Clinic.
13 PHOTOS What opioids do to your health See Gallery What opioids do to your health Opioid painkillers capitalize on our body’s natural pain-relief system.
Photo credit: Getty Abusing opioid painkillers has been linked with abusing similar drugs, like heroin.

As opioid deaths rise, pharma firm hikes price of antidote more than six-fold

As it stated in Barring a meaningful expansion, the free device program could run out of supplies even sooner if the current opioid crisis keeps up.
In communities particularly hard-hit by drug overdoses, places such as schools, libraries and coffee shops are keeping the antidote on hand.
But those who’ve accepted free Evzio devices and have come to rely on it may soon face withdrawal.
And as demand for Kaleo’s product has grown, the privately held firm has raised its twin-pack price to $4,500, from $690 in 2014.
First came Martin Shkreli, the brash young pharmaceutical entrepreneur who raised the price for an AIDS treatment by 5,000 percent.

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