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Zika Facts and Prevention Tips from Molina Health Care according to : WFLA

referring to How is Zika transmitted?
· Zika is a virus spread to people through aedes aegypti (yellow fever) and aedes albopictus (Asian tiger) mosquitoes.
· Very recently the CDC announced a $10 million grant to four Florida universities for research on how to keep the Zika virus from spreading.
· While Zika is primarily transmitted through mosquitoes, the virus can also be spread during pregnancy from mother to baby.
What is Zika virus and what are the symptoms?

Turning Zika Into Political Issue Could Create Public Health Disaster

As for the HBV vaccine, there’s a good chance you’re asking, “Wait, what’s the HBV vaccine?” It’s a shot that protects against the sexually transmitted hepatitis-B, which can cause liver cancer.
The Zika virus has been tied to political issues on both sides of the spectrum.
It generally doesn’t, though, because the HBV vaccine is routinely administered in infancy, with the nationwide vaccination rate about 90 percent.
Those more concerned with climate change cared equally about Zika regardless of whether it was framed as an environmental issue or as a matter of public health, without any additional connection to a political issue.
The angry Facebook posts write themselves, and protecting people against Zika goes from an agreed-upon public good to a political battle.
Zika Facts and Prevention Tips from Molina Health Care

We strongly encourage all Connecticut OB/GYNs and hospitals to screen all pregnant women for possible exposure to Zika virus.
As of January 18, 2017, the DPH’s State Laboratory says they had tested 1,208 patients for the Zika virus, including 873 pregnant women.
80% of people exposed to Zika virus never show symptoms and don’t realize that they have or had the virus.
Of those, 109 tested positive for Zika including six pregnant women.
DPH says they are also monitoring nine women who are still pregnant, but have laboratory evidence of confirmed Zika virus or Flavivirus.

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