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Los Angeles Times : declared in L.A. County patient was infected with drug-resistant E. coli

As it stated in Los Angeles County health officials announced Tuesday that a resident who died last year had been infected with E. coli bacteria carrying the mcr-1 gene.
The mcr-1 gene was first discovered in China in November 2015.
He said public health officials believe the man had been infected with E. coli in Asia, where he’d traveled shortly before falling ill, and that it hadn’t spread locally.
Colistin is often the only antibiotic to which many of these highly resistant bacteria succumb.
Schwartz said the patient didn’t die from the E. coli infection but from a different medical condition.

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Rare E. coli ‘superbug’ found in LA County patient marks a first for California

A Los Angeles county resident was infected with a rare, drug resident E. coli bacteria which marks a first for California and prompted local public health officials to issue an advisory Tuesday.
Los Angeles county health officials said they track antimicrobial resistance.
Last month, the health department mandated that CRE be reported by all acute care hospitals and skilled nursing facilities in Los Angeles County.
The bacteria were first identified in the United States in a Pennsylvania patient in May 2016, public health officials said.
Public health officials said there was no evidence that the E. coli infection was spreading locally and noted that the patient, a man who died last year, likely acquired the bacteria during international travel.
Kitsap County E. coli test gives ‘false positive,' boil order over

as declared in A company spokesman could not speculate why the tests came back positive the day before.
(Photo: File)A boil advisory in Kitsap County is over Thursday after the Washington Water Service Company determined E. coli tests had returned a “false positive.”About 1,000 people who are served by the Horizon West water system were told to boil their water Wednesday after an investigative sample showed signs of E. coli in the water.
The company did two more tests Thursday morning, and both came back negative.
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