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Here’s what critics have to say about Netflix’s new ‘Santa Clarita Diet’

as informed in (Photo: Erica Parise, Netflix)What’s on the menu for the Santa Clarita Diet?
Santa Clarita Diet tackles this head-on.
We break down what you need to know about Santa Clarita Diet’s particular brand of the undead.
Casual day in Santa Clarita.
Santa Clarita Diet is on the intimate side, so the apocalypse doesn’t seem an imminent threat nor has it already happened like in Walking Dead and Syfy’s Z Nation.

New comedy 'Santa Clarita Diet' is disgusting, and not in a good way

This post discusses the first episode of “Santa Clarita Diet,” available on Netflix this week.
Maybe “Santa Clarita Diet” will get there, or at least someplace a little bit more interesting.
But “Santa Clarita Diet” is a good reminder that roiling your viewers’ stomachs is not always the same thing as eliciting a meaningful reaction.
I don’t like watching disgusting things — I have a tendency to get queasy relatively easily — but it’s part of my job.
But “Santa Clarita Diet” seems too lightweight to support much true darkness; “the show is offering us a series of barf jokes, not a “Hannibal”-style vivisection of the soul or a “Walking Dead”-style meditation on the breakdown of society.

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‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Is Curiously Relatable For A Zomedy

To some degree, it’s creating a midlife crisis of sorts in the best way.”On reading this quote, it clarified something for me: It’s not just Joel who goes through something comparable to a mid-life crisis.
But in the weirdest twist of all, Santa Clarita Diet is surprisingly relatable.
Which, when you think about it, is also what happens when you’re the kid of someone going through a mid-life crisis.
Santa Clarita Diet isn’t half as wacky as it seems.
Arguably Sheila’s metamorphosis could just as easily be interpreted as a mid-life crisis.

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