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Dad dying of cancer sees 2-year-old son get a new kidney quoting : The Today

As it stated in Courtesy Ashley Wagner In December 2013, Ashley Wagner learned she was pregnant.
Courtesy Ashley Wagner Ryan Wagner has been battling incurable stage 4 colon cancer since 2013.
Only five months after the original diagnosis, they learned Wagner’s cancer was stage 4 and that chemotherapy would not cure him.
But Wolodkiewicz followed Wagner’s cancer diagnosis and Miles’ battle with a rare kidney disease on the family’s Facebook page, Team Ryan.
Courtesy Ashley Wagner Miles has a kidney donor after his parents posted a desperate plea on Facebook, and one of their high school classmates agreed to donate.

Dad dying of cancer sees 2-year-old son get a new kidney

as declared in These cells also engulf senescent cells and cancer cells, disposing of unnecessary cells within organisms.
In recent years, attention has been drawn by the effectiveness of treatment that targets specific proteins that express on both cancer cells and healthy cells including immune system cells (targeted therapy).
・7): cytotoxic T cells A type of lymphocyte immune system cell that can recognize and destroy cancer cells and cells which have been infected by a virus.
However, issues with this treatment include the emergence of cancer cells resistant to targeted drugs, and side effects which differ from those for conventional anticancer drugs.
PD-1 can weaken the immune reaction of cytotoxic T-cells, which destroy cancer cells and infected cells.

as declared in

Sentinels in the blood: A new diagnostic for pancreatic cancer — ScienceDaily

Pancreatic cancer is one type of cancer we desperately need an early blood biomarker for,” Hu says.
One such illness is pancreatic cancer, which may display no obvious symptoms in its early stages, yet can develop aggressively.
Currently, the only cure for Pancreatic cancer remains surgical removal of diseased tissue but in many cases, this is not feasible due to the degree of cancer spread at the time of diagnosis.
The ability to accurately detect this protein, known as EphA2 may allow it to serve as a signpost that could diagnose even the earliest stages of pancreatic cancer.
This research now demonstrates that a platform that uses the interaction between two different nanoparticles to detect tumor-associated EV’s can keenly discriminate between blood samples from patients with pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis — a disease that can share symptoms with Pancreatic cancer — and healthy subjects.

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