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Dangerous E. coli levels found in JeffCo dog park quoting : FOX31 Denver

as mentioned in Please enable Javascript to watch this videoEVERGREEN, Colo. – There’s a problem piling up in a Jefferson County dog park, and it isn’t pretty.
They don’t exist here at Elk Meadows Dog Park,” Robbins said.
Dog waste does not simply go away and it contains harmful bacteria that could make people and pets sick.
Plus, unlike wildlife that eats vegetation, dog waste is made of material that is not native to Colorado’s landscape.
Elk Meadows Off-Leash Park in Evergreen is known for its stunning 108 acres of off-leash wilderness trails.

Dangerous E. coli levels found in JeffCo dog park

as declared in China: mcr-1 gene found in a number of E. coli strainsThe mcr-1 gene–a gene that makes bacteria resistant to colistin, an antibiotic of last resort, and that is transferrable between bacteria–has been found in a wide variety of strains of Escherichia coli in China following widespread use of colistin in agriculture.
The second study, led by researchers at Zhejiang University (China), tested samples from over 2000 bloodstream infections at 28 hospitals in China.
Of the 1495 E coli samples, 20 were mcr-1 positive, one of which was also carbapenem resistant.
Without such interventions, there will doubtless be more serious problems than mcr-1 seen in China in the near future.”
Among 146 isolates of mcr-1-positive E coli identified, only five were also carbapenem resistant.

as declared in

Elevated levels of E. coli found in creek that flows into French Broad

He said he noticed there was a problem with the creek after several tests of the French Broad River.
The French Broad Riverkeeper is trying to find the source behind a high level of E. coli in a creek that sits behind the old 12 Bones location.
“It’s flowing right down to where we test just around the corner, and it is having an impact on the [French Broad] river,” Hartwell Carson said.
Carson said he was able to pinpoint the source of the bacteria to the creek, though the cause of the E. coli remains unclear.
Certain areas near the creek contained elevated levels of the bacteria.

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