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WSAW : declared in Wisconsin democrats push for medical marijuana

referring to medical Marijuana 2In Madison Monday, two Wisconsin democrats laid out a plan they know will need some Republican support to pass.
Acheson wants medical Marijuana legalized because he doesn’t want to take opiates for his pain anymore.
Democratic state lawmakers are hoping Wisconsin will join 28 other states, in legalizing medical marijuana.
The other bill wants to include the public’s opinion on if medical Marijuana should be passed in the state.
The first bill would legalize the use of medical Marijuana for patients with qualifying conditions.

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Democrats push for medical marijuana after Vos says he’s open to idea

(Photo: Scott Bauer/AP)MADISON – Democrats pushed for legalizing medical marijuana Monday, hoping to build on momentum after the Republican speaker of the Assembly said he was open to the idea.
They said they would fight opponents who contend legalizing medical marijuana would put Wisconsin on the road to full-blown legalization.
Last month, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) said he was willing to consider allowing medical marijuana.
State Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton) left, is introducing a bill to legalize medical marijuana in Wisconsin.
Twenty-eight states and Washington, D.C., allow medical marijuana, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.
Wisconsin democrats make push for medical marijuana

as informed in They say more and more Wisconsinites, like Muskego’s Jeff Casper, believe medical marijuana use should be OK’ed, even if they don’t support full legalization.
But, medical marijuana, definitely,” said Ron Reinert.
Democratic lawmakers on Monday called on Republicans to let the public weigh in on whether Wisconsin should join 28 other states that have legalized medical marijuana.
As Wisconsin strives to battle opioid abuse in our communities, medical marijuana as an alternative should be on the table in this legislature, the lawmakers said.
AdvertisementRep. Chris Taylor and Sen. Jon Erpenbach said at a news conference Monday that the state is failing sick people by not letting them use medical marijuana.

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