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New discovery could lead to more effective malaria vaccine quoting : News Medical

as informed in The discovery could be used to make a more effective malaria vaccine.
As RH5 is only exposed from the parasite briefly, a combination vaccine based on P113, RH5 and other proteins in the complex could be more effective than RH5 alone.”
Malaria is caused by Plasmodium parasites which are spread by infected mosquitos and an effective vaccine would vastly improve the lives of millions of people.
A team at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute has discovered how a promising malarial vaccine target – the protein RH5 – helps parasites to invade human red blood cells.
This makes the P113 protein another good vaccine target.”

New discovery could lead to more effective malaria vaccine

as declared in Sanger Institute scientists already knew that Plasmodium parasites use RH5 to bind to a receptor on blood cells.
Now researchers at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in the U.K. believe they’ve solved a piece of that puzzle in a way that could be used to make an effective vaccine against malaria.
P113, he added, could be a vaccine target, because if an antibody were able to block the protein, the malaria parasite would be unable to invade red blood cells.
That could make it more feasible to create a vaccine that blocks P113 while simultaneously targeting other proteins.
“There is a great need for an effective malaria vaccine, and the RH5 complex is the most important link between parasite and host that we yet know of,” said lead author Gavin Wright.

as declared in

Scientists just found one of the most promising malaria vaccine targets to date

While a candidate vaccine is being piloted next year, scientists have found a potentially more promising target in the bridge malaria makes with our red blood cells, which could lead to a more effective, cheaply made vaccine.
There are half a dozen species of the plasmodium parasite responsible for causing malaria in humans, with P. vivax and the extra nasty P. falciparum being the two most common.
In spite of a decade of intense research, we still don’t have a commercially available vaccine for malaria.
The RH5 protein complex is the vital link between the malarial parasite and our blood cells.
One promising candidate is the RTS,S vaccine – also known as Mosquirix – which will be piloted in Africa next year.

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