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Affordable health care should be basic human right quoting : Bozeman Daily Chronicle

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Affordable health care should be basic human right

referring to Successful health care innovation will only happen with strong collaboration between entrepreneurs, investors, health care providers, patients, and policy developers.
…But opportunities abound and solutions existDespite challenges, innovation in health care must continue.
Other investors agree that the ultraconservatism in the health care system, while intended to protect patients, also harms them by restricting innovation.
CB Insights recently profiled 106 different artificial intelligence startups in health care tackling the various challenges in the space, ranging from patient monitoring to hospital operations.
When we asked dozens of venture capitalists where they see the most potential for applied artificial intelligence, they unanimously agreed on health care.

referring to

Why doctors are arming themselves with MBAs to navigate a tricky health care landscape

Huckman said health care looks more and more like manufacturing, which means a growing interest in the systems that deliver reliable, safer and, hopefully, cheaper care.
“We’re talking about the importance of a pretty fundamental change in health care over the next five to ten years.”
Some budding doctors believe arming themselves with an MBA will help them better navigate this evolving profession.
“We ended up buying a technology that was very good at billing, but not very flexible to providing data to individuals about their care or helping them to become better shoppers in health care,” Schulman said.
New responsibilities range from managing electronic health records, to familiarizing yourself with the cost of care.

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