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Botched tests lead to retesting for Zika in nation’s capital according to : missoulian

Hundreds of DC Zika virus tests to be re-examined after ‘technical issues’

The District of Columbia Department of Forensic Sciences Public Health Laboratory has tested hundreds of people, mainly pregnant women, for the Zika virus since last year.
Already, samples taken from two pregnant women, who originally tested negative for the virus, have now tested positive for likely Zika infection.
The CDC is treating the patients who tested positive as though they tested positive for the Zika virus out of caution and for monitoring.
In pregnant women, the virus has been found to be associated with fetal development issues and can cause birth defects including microscopically, which is characterized by an abnormally small head.
Officials at a Washington D.C. public health lab confirmed to ABC News that they are retesting hundreds of samples from people in the area for Zika virus over concerns about the accuracy of the original test results.
Botched tests lead to retesting for Zika in nation's capital


“What that means is that we did see evidence of past infection, but we can’t say for sure it’s Zika,” Kuhnert-Tallman said.
So far, the D.C. lab said it has received 62 test results from pregnant women back from the CDC.
Of these, 60 tested negative and two tested positive.
Kuhnert-Tallman said CDC has completed about 100 more tests, and results are being sent back to the lab and the doctors who ordered them.
A total of 409 specimens were sent for re-testing, including samples from 294 pregnant women.
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