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Brazilian peppertree may help fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria stat : Bel Marra Health

referring to Brazilian peppertree may help fight antibiotic-resistant bacteriaBy: Emily Lunardo General Health | Friday, February 17, 2017 – 05:00 AMScientists at Emory University have found an extract capable of neutralizing antibiotic-resistant staph bacteria within the berries of the Brazilian peppertree.
Rather than kill the bacteria, the extract instead represses a gene that allows communication between the bacteria cells.
In contrast, the extract from the Brazilian peppertree interferes with the communication between bacteria, preventing organized action and allowing the body to eradicate them using its natural immunity.
This blockage prevents the bacteria from taking collective action, known as quorum quenching, and allows the immune system to fight the cells effectively.
The Brazilian peppertree has been used in traditional South American medicine to treat infections within the skin and soft tissue for centuries, and researchers have now found the medicinal mechanism within the berries that make it effective.

Brazilian peppertree may help fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria

as mentioned in “The function of a protein molecule is directly related to it’s three-dimensional shape,” Professor Vrielink said.
Multi-drug resistance in bacteria has been identified as a major worldwide public health concern by the World Health Organization.
The research is funded by National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia and included collaborations from several universities and organisations around the globe.
EptA causes multi-drug resistance by masking bacteria against both the human immune system and important classes of antibiotics.
Alarmingly, MCR-1 is not limited to a single type of bacteria, but is able to spread between different species of bacteria increasing its harmfullness significantly.
Research to help fight multi-resistant bacteria

as mentioned in They have named the new species Streptomyces formicae and the antibiotics formicamycins, after the Latin formica, meaning ant.
Credit: NIH/NIAID A new antibiotic, produced by bacteria found on a species of African ant, is very potent against antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs’ like MRSA according to scientists.
One particular strain caught their attention, and the antibiotic compounds produced from it showed promising activity in early tests against other disease-causing bacteria.
Researchers at the University of East Anglia (UEA) and the John Innes Centre (JIC) discovered a new member of the Streptomyces bacteria family, isolated from the African fungus-growing plant-ant Tetraponera penzigi.
Formicamycins, antibacterial polyketides produced by Streptomyces formicae isolated from African Tetraponera plant-ants, Chem.
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