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A rat kills a person and leaves 2 others in distress due to a rare disease

as declared in The family was among the very first to receive permission from Georgia to use low-dose cannabis oil without fear of prosecution.
Jim “J-Bo” Wages holds a bottle of cannabis oil for her daughter Sydney at their home in Dallas on Wednesday, February 8, 2017.
The Georgia Senate passed a plan Thursday to downsize a key part of Georgia’s medical marijuana law, despite warnings from advocates that it will alienate dozens of families and children who use cannabis oil to help treat debilitating conditions.
Changing that classification would allow more freedom for sanctioned use of the drug in medical research studies.
“To say cannabidiol has no medicinal value is just not true,” said Watson, who is a medical doctor.

 medical marijuana

as informed in It can also make cannabis oil effective at treating stubborn medical conditions, according to medical marijuana backers.
RELATED | Colorful allies muddle GA medical marijuana debate”THC is an addictive drug,” said Sen. William Ligon (R-Brunswick) during floor debate.
ATLANTA — The Georgia Senate passed a medical marijuana bill Thursday, but supporters of cannabis oil say it represents a step backward from the landmark bill passed two years ago.
He sponsored the original medical marijuana bill in 2015 and is hoping for a chance to rewrite the Senate bill and restore the original seven percent THC threshold.
Its detractors in the Senate say it’s also a danger – not only to its users but also to the state of Georgia.
medical marijuana

as informed in (left to right) Dale Jackson, Shannon Cloud, and Sebastien Cotte dismayed with Senate bill that lowers current THC levelsBy Sandra ParrishThe Georgia Senate passes a bill to expand Georgia’s medical marijuana law but is setting up a showdown with the House that may not be decided until the 40th and final day of the legislative session.
The House bill expands the list of conditions by six including autism, PTSD, AIDS, Tourette syndrome, intractable pain, Alzheimer’s, and those in hospice care.
Efforts to change the bill on the floor of the Senate, including lowering the THC levels to 1 percent and another to keep it at the current 5 percent, failed.
He admits there have been no problems with current THC levels reported by the 1,300 patients who are registered with the state or from the 300 physicians who are able to prescribe it.
The measure by Sen. Ben Watson (R-Savannah), who is a doctor, adds autism to the list of conditions that can legally use cannabis oil but lowers current THC levels from 5 to 3 percent.

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