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Risk of using diversion Therapy between minors

as informed in Columbus city council president Zach Klein discusses a possible ban on conversion therapy.
Columbus City Council holds a public hearing Tuesday on banning the practice known as conversion therapy by community and mental health professionals.
Klein says Toledo, Cincinnati and Cleveland have similar bans on conversion therapy by mental health professionals.
Conversion therapy attempts to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity, but has been widely discredited by the medical community.
The proposed city legislation would make the conversion therapy a misdemeanor with the possibility of fines and jail time.

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Legislation Aims To Ban The Use Of Conversion Therapy Among Minors

Legislation Aims To Ban The Use Of Conversion Therapy Among Minors

Rhode Island lawmakers are considering legislation that would ban the use of conversion therapy among minors.
The House Health, Education & Welfare Committee heard testimony on the negative impact of conversion therapy last Wednesday.
Social workers and other licensed health professionals would no longer be able to suggest the controversial therapy that looks at homosexuality as a treatable mental disorder.
The number of licensed health professionals who currently practice conversion therapy in the Ocean State is unclear, but Crozier said having the treatment available reinforces a negative message to LGBTQ youths.
“Mental health professionals sought to ‘cure’ homosexuality by a variety of techniques, which included horrific aversive therapies such as electroshock, nausea-inducing drugs, and even lobotomies and castration,” said Crozier.

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New Mexico Senate Passes Gay Conversion Therapy Ban. How Will Bill Do In The House?

City Council Unanimously Bans Gay Conversion Therapy & Pittsburgh Bans Conversion Therapy.
The Senate in New Mexico voted yesterday to ban so-called conversion therapy for gay, bisexual and transgender people.
The vote in favor of Senate Bill 121 (SB121) was a convincing 32–6.
Until we are able to report that the United States Government bans conversion therapy, we will still be very happy to continue sharing reports of cities and states making the ban happen for their citizens.
Two of the more recent municipalities were Seattle and Pittsburgh (Victory In Seattle.

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