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Flu vaccine offers moderate protection

as informed in CDC: 2016-2017 flu vaccine offers moderate protection Flu-related hospitalizations and pediatric deaths are reaching concerning levels with the CDC stating this year’s vaccine offers moderate protection against the main family of viruses causing the flu, according to STAT.
The CDC report found this year’s flu vaccine lowers a person’s risk of contracting the flu and needing to see a provider by 48 percent.
In the week ending Feb. 11, 2017, the CDC reported nine influenza-associated pediatric deaths which bring this year’s total number to 29 pediatric flu deaths so far.
Comparatively, the vaccine’s influenza B component offers 73 percent protection.
The study found the vaccine’s H3N2 component provided nearly 43 percent protection against medically attended influenza.

according to The vaccine is safe for pregnant women, and the risk from getting the flu is much worse for your fetus than the flu shot.
Everyone six months and older should get a flu vaccine each year.
We’ve all heard someone say they got a flu shot and then got sick.
The reason it’s not due to the shot is because the flu occurs during the fall and winter, a time when other respiratory viruses not prevented by the flu vaccine are circulating around.
Because two weeks are needed for antibodies from the vaccine to develop, it’s important that people receive the flu shot several weeks before the virus really starts spreading.

Flu vaccine

according to

Flu vaccine campaigns have been in place since the flu vaccine

was developed for the military in the 1940s by a young pre-polio Jonas Salk and others.
While development of a universal flu vaccine remains a goal for several researchers and vaccine companies, it is — even in the most optimistic estimates — still years away.
The process of vaccine strain selection occurs months before the flu season, giving manufacturers ample time to produce the product in sufficient quantities before the onset of the flu season.
Another aspect of what ails the influenza vaccine field is the fact that almost all are grown in chicken eggs, just as they were when the vaccine was first invented.
Each year during the flu season, I am bombarded by patients and friends telling me that despite receiving the flu shot, they end up catching the flu.

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