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Vote on the medical marijuana bill

as informed in A new Talk Business & Politics-Hendrix College poll asked 440 Arkansas voters for their preferences on two debates occurring at the state legislature regarding medical marijuana’s implementation.
One proposal under consideration would prohibit medical marijuana from being smoked, but allow it to be used in other forms.
41.5% Support a ban on smoking medical marijuana50% Oppose a ban on smoking medical marijuana8.5% Don’t knowQ: Another medical marijuana proposal under consideration would stop the implementation of the Medical Marijuana Amendment in Arkansas until the federal government legalizes the practice.
Finally, six in ten male voters oppose delay while a slight plurality (46%) of women favor it.
While a slight majority (53%) of GOP voters support delay, other political groups are decidedly more dubious.

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Kansas Senate panel hears arguments over medical marijuana

Kansas would allow a form of medical marijuana under legislation heard Monday by a Senate panel.
The Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee considered Senate Bill 155, which would legalize marijuana use for some debilitating medical conditions, with a doctor’s recommendation.
“Finally, the KSAA is a Kansas-based bill that protects patients and protects Kansas and is focused on our unique needs, fiscally, culturally and ecologically,” Finney said.
The organization pointed to the use of medical marijuana nationwide.
Christine Gordon, vice president of Bleeding Kansas, said another bill, known as the Kansas Safe Access Act is ecologically sustainable, and includes water conservation and recycling mandates.
Georgia medical marijuana program will likely change this year, but in what ways? That's what the legislature needs to hammer out

referring to The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Allen Peake, championed the 2015 creation of the medical cannabis program, which has enrolled 1,300 people with no reported problems.
ATLANTA — Sebastien Cotte swears by the power of medical marijuana.
For several years, he has been using cannabis oil to treat his son, Jagger, who has a rare and terminal neurological disorder called Leigh’s disease.
Cotte and others worry that differing priorities in the Georgia Legislature this year will harm the state’s two-year-old program allowing possession of cannabis oil for treatment of certain medical conditions.
Senators who favored the move said it would put Georgia more in line with other states that allow medical marijuana but that use lower levels of THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana that makes users feel high.

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