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Americans are interested in choosing health insurance

as declared in [RELATED: Save Health Care for Kids] RELATED CONTENT RELATED CONTENT Save Health Care for Kids America’s children will suffer if Tom Price repeals the Affordable Care Act.
This is because Americans have sealed health insurance in a landscape of separate walled cities.
In a real sense, then, competition doesn’t exist in health insurance the way it does with other goods.
One of the biggest problems with American health insurance is a lack of fences.
Thus, demographic qualities and personal circumstances largely determine where you get your health insurance.


referring to A consulting firm told governors Saturday that the Republican plan to replace Obamacare could lead to millions losing their health coverage, with many people covered under the Medicaid expansion suddenly unable to afford health insurance.
When he was running for president, Trump told “60 Minutes” in 2015 that everyone would win from his health care replacement.
“We cannot survive under the current system,” Sanders said.
1 focus that we make sure that people that have insurance continue their insurance, particularly those in the highest need,” she said.
WASHINGTON ― White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders declined to assure Americans on Sunday that anyone currently covered under the Affordable Care Act would not lose their coverage under President Donald Trump’s health care plan.

capping the federal tax breaks workers and companies get for employer-provided health insurance.

referring to Some in the GOP are floating one possible solution: capping the federal tax breaks workers and companies get for employer-provided health insurance.
Capping this tax exclusion and removing the ACA’s employer insurance mandate would be a two-fold blow to the employer market.
Even by recent standards, February has been an eventful month for health insurance.
The tax code’s exclusion on health benefits is the nearly 80-year-old foundation of America’s employer-based insurance system.
The GOP proposal would encourage young and healthy patients to buy cheaper insurance plans, leaving only older and sicker patients on employer health plans.

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