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Wayne State University scientists discover the Zika virus can damage eyes, may cause blindness


College students reminded about Zika virus risk before Spring Break


College students headed out of the country for spring break are reminded about the risks of transmission of the Zika virus.
Dr. Kornegay also reminded spring break travelers that Zika can be transmitted via sexual contact.
While the CDC reports many people infected with Zika virus won’t have symptoms or only have mild symptoms, the virus can cause serious birth defects in newborns as well as other pregnancy problems.
But Miami, Florida, and Brownsville, Texas – both popular spring break destinations – are also considered ‘cautionary areas’ by the CDC: meaning local transmission has been identified, but specific level of risk is unknown.
“Wearing EPA-approved mosquito repellent, mosquito netting, […] long sleeves, long pants […] would be your best bet,” said Dr. Kornegay.

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New predictive model identifies many potential Zika virus vectors

Based on what they learned, they used the model to test the combination of Zika virus with all the mosquito species known to transmit at least one flavivirus.
Zika virus could be transmitted by more mosquito species than those currently known, according to a new predictive model created by ecologists at the University of Georgia and the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies.
For viruses, the most important trait was the number of mosquito species able to act as a vector.
For viruses, traits included how many different mosquito species they infect, whether they have ever infected humans and the severity of the diseases they cause.
The new model could streamline the initial step of pinpointing Zika vectors.

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