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Hindustan Times : declared in Philippine president Duterte says will call some police back to drug war

according to “I have to do it because I don’t have enough men,” Duterte added.
After banishing police from the anti-drug campaign, Duterte handed the lead role to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and has called for the military to provide firepower for its operations.
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on Tuesday he would recall some police to fight his controversial war on drugs, nearly a month after suspending the entire force from all operations in the bloody campaign.
Duterte has resolutely defended the campaign and lambasted anyone who raises concern about it, including world leaders like then UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon and former US president Barack Obama.
“The whole situation will be studied because we need to know where are we on the drug situation and where we left off.”Read more.

according to

Philippine police will return to drug war: Duterte

It’s in your system,” Duterte said on January 30, before announcing all police had been pulled off the drug war until their ranks had been “cleansed”.
Duterte had been unrepentant in the face of widespread international criticism of the drug war, including accusations the police were murdering people for their own gain and organising anonymous vigilante death squads.
The national police chief, Ronald Dela Rosa, said on Monday that gains in the drug war had been lost because his force had been withdrawn.
Graphic charting drug-related killings in the Philippines since July 2016Duterte repeatedly promised to shield police from prosecution if they were charged with murder for killing in the drug war.
“The longer we are not in the war on drugs, the situation gets worse,” Dela Rosa said.
The Punisher: Rodrigo Duterte may extend drug war to nine-year-olds

according to The case generated a public backlash, but Mr Duterte did not implement any measures to modify the drug war.
VideoImage The War on Drugs in the Philippines 2:18 President Rodrigo “The Punisher” Duterte has a controversial, deadly take on stamping out drug crimes in the Philippines.
Human rights activist groups have fired back, saying children are anything but “pampered” in the wake of the drug war.
SINCE his election to power last July, The Punisher has led a brutal war against users and dealers of illegal narcotics in the Philippines.
It’s estimated Mr Duterte’s war on drugs has killed over 6000 people, including over 2000 in police operations, and almost 4000 by unknown suspects.

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