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The Scope of Substance Abuse in Springfield quoting : foxillinois

as mentioned in “He was still in high school, and he needed to finish high school.
Stay home after work and just drink by myself,” Thomas Murphy, who is staying at Gateway to face his alcohol abuse, said.
Local police and rehab centers are looking for answers to solve the growing issue of substance abuse in Sangamon County.
She says the heroin epidemic should be getting all the attention it is, but substance abuse goes far beyond one drug.
“There is a significant problem with alcohol abuse across all ages,” Henry said.

The Scope of Substance Abuse in Springfield

according to Benefits of Inpatient Substance Abuse TreatmentResidential addiction treatment has been found to be the most effective way of treating substance abuse.
The truth is, there are many benefits to inpatient treatment over other types of treatment.
When you attend inpatient treatment, you will receive a lot of information, coping skills, relapse prevention techniques, and support.
Inpatient treatment can be made easier, though, when you embrace a few key concepts before, during, and after your stay.
Getting the most out of your stay in rehab requires that you keep doing the hard work, even when you are afraid.

according to

Aggression Disorder May Up Risk of Substance Abuse

The findings suggest that a history of frequent, aggressive behavior is a risk factor for later substance abuse, and effective treatment of aggression could delay or even prevent substance abuse in young people.
While substance abuse, like excessive drinking, can clearly make aggressive behavior worse, the onset of IED almost always precedes the development of chronic substance abuse.
It is often first diagnosed in adolescents, some of whom are as young as 11, years before substance abuse problems usually develop.
Coccaro and his team found that IED preceded substance abuse in 92.5 percent of the cases where subjects developed both disorders.
They found that as the severity of aggressive behavior increased, so did levels of daily and weekly substance use.

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