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Trump Speech Leaves Health Care a Big Mess stat : Bloomberg

as informed in Untroubled By Trump’s Speech ACA Repeal Alligators Trump didn’t do much to resolve this stalemate with his address.
That’s a threat to health insurers who focus narrowly on government programs.
That sounds conspicuously unlike the GOP plan which repeals the ACA’s Medicaid expansion, leaving out large numbers of people.
Trump expressed support for tax credits, but still appears to differ with House leadership on other key points.
The draft GOP plan increases such subsidies based on age, rather than the ACA’s income-based scale.


as declared in Advertisement Continue reading the main story“We don’t agree with much of anything he said tonight,” he said.
Advertisement Continue reading the main storyRepresentative Maxine Waters, the veteran California Democrat, said the demands from liberal voters were growing only more intense.
But Democratic leaders are determined to make health care — particularly Medicare and the Affordable Care Act — the centerpiece of their attacks against Republicans leading into next year’s midterm elections.
And as Mr. Beshear alluded to, he has a compelling story to tell about the effect of the health law in a conservative-leaning state.
The former governor was not the only prominent voice on the left responding to the president’s address to Congress.


as declared in In his much-anticipated first address to Congress, President Donald Trump backed away from a key health care promise he recently made.
Trump’s remarks in January sounded a lot like what Democrats were aiming for in their 2010 health care law, popularly known as Obamacare, which centered on covering as many uninsured Americans as possible.
And that’s an important show of support for the GOP leaders who are struggling to rally the various factions of their party around a consensus health insurance plan, even as pressure for a replacement to accompany the repeal of the 2010 Affordable Care Act builds.
As Trump reiterated Tuesday, they reject the Obamacare mandate that requires everyone to obtain insurance.
Republicans in Congress, on the other hand, want to take the federal government out of the role of determining who does and doesn’t get coverage.

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