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The opioid epidemic requires American ingenuity, not Big Government

referring to Yet two major obstacles still remain to drastically reduce preventable opioid overdoses.
This challenge comes with an opportunity for states to approach the opioid epidemic with the full ingenuity our nation has to offer.
And now with naloxone available in a simple nasal spray, opioid overdoses should be as preventable as restaurant chokings or diabetic comas.
Resources have been provided through a range of federal government awards to explore potential harm reduction strategies and prevent needless deaths.
It has also created incentives for states to develop innovative models that have better and more efficient outcomes.


As it stated in Chelsea Clinton is Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation—————————————AMERICA’S OPIOID ADDICTIONAnalysis by Bryan Lufkin, BBC FutureIn the United States, opioid addiction has become an epidemic, according to national health organisations.
Many of the global health challenges I see in 2017 were painfully present and widely acknowledged as challenges in 2016.
The US Centers for Disease Control recognises that our country is gripped by an ‘opioid overdose epidemic,’ and various studies estimate that 80% of those struggling with opioid use don’t get the help they need.
Opioid addiction is on the rise worldwide, but it’s significantly more pressing in the US.
And, of course, we need research to inform potential global work as it has in the US.


As it stated in (WJTV) — As Mississippi’s opioid epidemic continues to grow, the governor’s task force met for the first time Thursday to work on solutions.
“It’s possibly a necessary evil for insurance to get involved in trying to stem the problem with abuse from prescription pain killers,” Dowdy said.
That tool is the Mississippi Prescription Monitoring Program.
Surgeon General and other expert pain management resources.
Additional consumer resources and information on the risks and impact of prescription opioids are available at bcbsms/opioids.”“It’s a battle that’s being fought, has been fought for a long time,” Dowdy said.

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