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Thanks to Trump and the GOP, a California single-payer healthcare system is now possibl

As it stated in California flirted with a single-payer system when the Legislature signed off on the idea in 2006 and again in 2008.
Could California have its own single-payer health insurance system providing coverage for all residents?
Studies have shown that a single-payer system would result in lower out-of-pocket costs for most California residents.
But one big problem with Kuehl’s earlier bills was how the $100-billion Medi-Cal program — the state’s version of Medicaid — would integrate with a California single-payer system.
California could structure a single-payer system so that it’s sustained by a greater share of state tax revenue, with program efficiencies offsetting a gradual decline in federal dollars.


as declared in Dive Brief:President Donald Trump outlined five principles he wants to see enacted for healthcare reform during a speech to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday evening.
Trump called on all Democrats and Republicans to work together over healthcare going forward.
There’s a lot to unpack there but let’s start with what Trump stated earlier this week: Healthcare is complicated.
Dive Insight:Trump put in a tall order to Congress for healthcare reform.
Give Americans the freedom to purchase health insurance across state lines.


as declared in The current legal immigration system heavily emphasizes family unification and is aimed at allowing in people from around the world striving to take advantage of American opportunity.
Trump challenged opponents who have bristled at his aggressive approach to tackling illegal immigration, including his “great, great” border wall.
President Trump championed new approaches to healthcare and immigration Tuesday in a disciplined address to a joint session of Congress that may have been his most traditional political speech since he entered public life decades ago.
By contrast, Trump advocated a system that would emphasize immigrants who already have skills the U.S. economy needs.
A single speech cannot be expected to turn around Trump’s presidency, which has suffered from early missteps and internal disorganization.

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