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International consortium aims to improve therapeutic options for diabetes-induced kidney disease

As it stated in Chronic kidney disease is a frequently encountered disorder: more than 10% of the population suffer from such problems.
Diabetes-related kidney disease often ends fatally despite dialysis or renal transplantation — the mortality rate is even higher than most forms of cancer.
Over 5000 patients who have suffered from different forms of chronic kidney disease have been observed in the study over a period of ten years, including patients with diabetes-related kidney disease.
Universitätsklinikum Erlangen has joined forces with around 30 international partners in a consortium which aims to improve therapeutic options.
Professor Uwe Eckardt is certain that this research will lead to new discoveries in diabetes-related kidney disease.​


as mentioned in

UAE University scientists hope to roll out new kidney disease test

AL AIN // Scientists at UAE University hope to introduce a new way of detecting kidney disease to hospitals and clinics.
It is estimated that more than 2,000 people have chronic kidney disease in the UAE, with about 250 cases diagnosed each year.
People with chronic kidney disease often have to make weekly trips to the hospital.
If not detected early, kidney malfunction can lead to a lifetime of hospital care.
“If implemented in hospitals, this test could be a very important first line of defence and could add to existing tests to fight against chronic kidney disease,” said Dr Shah.


as mentioned in Ballarat links with obesity rates and chronic kidney disease cases third-worst in nationBALLARAT has been named among the nation’s hot spots for chronic kidney disease.
Obesity and Chronic Kidney Disease: the Hidden Impact, a Kidney Health Australia-led report, will be launched as part of Kidney Health Week with World Kidney Day ahead on Thursday.
Ms Stafrace said people at risk of developing kidney disease, due to weight, should ask their doctor for a kidney health check.
The report, to be released on Monday, draws a strong correlation between western Victoria’s above-average obesity and chronic kidney disease rates.
New data confirms Ballarat has the third-highest rate of chronic kidney disease in Australia with an estimated 14 per cent of adults experiencing kidney damage, compared to the 10 per cent national average.

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