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Republican health care push coming; success a question mark

referring to Mind-numbing health care jargon is flying around again as Republicans move to repeal and replace the Obama-era Affordable Care Act.
If 22 House Republicans or three Senate Republicans join united Democrats and oppose health legislation, it would fail.
Graham told the rowdy crowd of 1,000 people who packed a theater at Clemson University that he isn’t sure what the Republican health care plan is, but he remains against a single-payer system.
APAssociated PressRepublicans seem set to start muscling legislation through Congress reshaping the country’s health care system after seven years of saber rattling.
Repealing President Barack Obama’s 2010 health care overhaul has long been the GOP holy grail.



as mentioned in What we’re seeing is the beginning of the process by which conservatives get rolled on health care.
“We’re basically putting into law the [HHS Secretary Tom] Price plan as our replace plan,” Ryan said on a podcast Friday.
But there is now a Republican president and he is mostly on board with Ryan’s health care plan, to the degree that he understands any of this stuff.
Conservatives are fine with offering tax deductions or nonrefundable tax credits as part of a replacement plan.
AdvertisementThe debate is over what, if anything, to offer lower-income people in the individual health insurance market in lieu of the premium tax credits that the Affordable Care Act offers.

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