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KTVZ : declared in Syrian refugee loses fake news battle with Facebook

as informed in Before the court case began, Modamani told CNNMoney that the fake news problem is not just limited to his case.
He also wanted the court to order Facebook to delete all existing fake news posts using the image.
CNN; GETTY IMAGES via CNNBERLIN (CNNMoney) – A Syrian refugee has suffered a defeat in his legal battle to force Facebook to prevent his name and image being linked to terrorism in fake news posts.
But it was soon hijacked by fake news producers who repeatedly used Modamani’s name and likeness in social media posts about terrorism.
The court ruling issued Tuesday, however, found that Facebook was “neither perpetrator nor participant in the undisputed slander.”

as informed in

Syrian refugee falsely labelled a terrorist on Facebook loses ‘fake news’ case against social media giant

Facebook10/23 Macaulay Culkin dead hoax How to reassure the world you’re still alive after the internet reports that you’re dead?
NSW newspaper The Northern Star claims the four metre catch was made by a local fisherman known only as “Matthew”.
However, Mr Brooks has subsequently admitted he did not take the images – but continued to claim that the photographs are “real”.
It was also, not unexpectedly, a complete fake, including completely fabricated quotations from ‘experts’ and a picture that is actually of a very young kangaroo.
The images first emerged after Byron Bay resident Geoff Brooks posted them to his Facebook timeline.

Syrian refugee falsely labelled terrorist after selfie with Angela Merkel loses case against Facebook

as informed in Facebook has won its case against a Syrian refugee who, after posting a selfie with Angela Merkel, was falsely branded a terrorist.
Anas Modamani sued the social network earlier this year for failing to remove “fake news” posts that linked his photo with crimes and militant attacks.
The court agreed the information shared was “undisputable defamation”, but ruled that Facebook needn’t have preemptively blocked the offending material.
But a German court has thrown out the case on the grounds that Facebook was neither a “perpetrator nor a participant”.
Modamani was forced to hide and delete his Facebook account after his picture with Merkel in a Berlin refugee shelter was shared across the social network in the wake of the Brussels Airport bombing last year.

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