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Obesity may up your risk of kidney failure and it will get aggravated

As it stated in Extra body fat and body weight causes increased burden on the kidney function and an already compromised kidney function will get aggravated.
An increasing number of people may suffer from kidney diseases due to obesity in the next decade.
How does obesity contribute to the onset of kidney diseases?
Check your Body Mass Index and also work towards reducing your risk of diabetes and high blood pressure which will in turn reduce the risk of developing kidney disease.
Also, is it true that people may get kidney diseases at just 50 years, as compared to 60 years and above earlier?

Obesity may up your risk of kidney failure

as declared in The report, titled Obesity and Chronic Kidney Disease: The Hidden Impact, discovered in areas where obesity rates exceeded the national average people were more likely to suffer from chronic kidney disease.
“If you’re at increased risk of developing kidney disease due to your weight, ask your GP for a simple kidney health check,” Ms Stafrace said.
A report from Kidney Health Australia has found being overweight or obese can up to double someone’s chances of developing chronic kidney disease.
More than half a million Australians have signs of chronic kidney disease that may be due to obesity, the report said.
“Being obese is a potent risk factor,” Kidney Health Australia CEO Mikaela Stafrace said.

Obesity ‘a risk factor for 11 cancers’

as declared in Obesity ‘a risk factor for 11 cancers’Obesity has been linked to a number of cancersResearchers have highlighted a link between obesity and several forms of cancer.
“After not smoking, being a healthy weight is the most important thing people can do to reduce their cancer risk.
People who are obese face an increased risk of developing up to 11 different types of cancer, according to researchers at Imperial College London.
Dr Panagiota Mitrou, director of research funding at the WCRF, said: “This research, which we have funded, further emphasises the huge role that obesity plays in increasing cancer risk.
The importance of a healthy weightThe findings have shed further light on the “huge role that obesity plays in increasing cancer risk”, according to a spokesperson from the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF).

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