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Cummings Found an ‘Enthusiastic’ President Trump During Meeting

As it stated in Rep. Elijah Cummings’ (D-MD) anticipated meeting with President Trump about drug prices appears to have gone well.
“He made it clear to us he wanted to do something about it.”Moments Ago: Rep. Elijah Cummings exits @WhiteHouse after meeting with President #Trump about drug prices.
The representative also reportedly told the president voter fraud is nonexistent and voter suppression was the real issue and Vice President Pence should investigate.
Cummings said he felt compelled to communicate to the president that “most African-American communities are not places of depression.”
In a press conference outside the White House on Wednesday following their discussion, Cummings shared that he presented a proposal to the president which allows the government to negotiate drug prices.


as mentioned in President Trump criticized Congressman Cummings just a few weeks ago.
A problem Congressman Cummings said has long crushed American families and seniors.
BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings went head to head with President Donald Trump Wednesday to figure out a way to combat the sky high prices of prescription drugs.
Cummings said the president is on top of it and “he gets it,” in regards to prescription drug prices.
“This meeting was first talked about when I ran into the president at his inaugural luncheon,” Cummings said.
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