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That Everybody Species Must Get Stone & Medical Marijuana for Pets

according to Well, veterinarians say there isn’t enough scientific data to show that cannabis is safe and effective for treating animals.
FOX’s Tom Rigatti reports, probably not:As more states legalize marijuana, more pet owners are giving medical-cannabis products to their furry companions to treat a range of ailments.
Despite the lack of scientific data, many pet owners are convinced cannabis has improved their animals’ health and well-being based on their own observations.
Medical marijuana is legal in 28 states, but remains illegal under federal law, so there’s been little research into its potential health benefits for people or animals.
Should medicinal marijuana proponents give pot to their pets?

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Florida Medical Marijuana Bill Would Outlaw Smokable and Edible Cannabis

In fact, Rodrigues’ bill is more restrictive than the laws that existed before Florida overwhelmingly voted to legalize medical weed.
Now it’s up to the Florida Legislature to adopt medical marijuana rules.
The rest of Rodrigues’ 61-page bill effectively treats medical marijuana patients like they’re registering to ingest uranium.
“It goes further than the current statute in terms of restricting medical marijuana,” says Ben Pollara, United for Care’s campaign director.
Yesterday, Fort Myers Rep. Ray Rodrigues finally unveiled the first medical weed regulations — and they would ban people from smoking marijuana or using edibles.

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Bills Would Increase Diversity in Medical Marijuana Business « CBS Baltimore

The commission expects medical cannabis to be available to patients this summer, according to Vanessa Lyon, a spokeswoman for the group.
But Glenn said her legislation would not slow the arrival of the medical cannabis industry.
The Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, which grants the licenses to growers, processors and dispensers, has been hampered by legal battles and pending legislation in the Maryland General Assembly since the state legalized medical cannabis in 2014.
The second bill would disband the current commission to create a nine-member Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Cannabis Licensing Unit.
This new group would award new grower licenses in future years and would have a fund to provide minority- and women-owned medical cannabis businesses with loans.

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