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Government and Health Officials Attend Opioid Crisis Summit: “From Silos To Solutions”

as mentioned in Government and Health Officials Attend Opioid Crisis Summit: “From Silos To Solutions”by Jalea BrooksIt’s being called a crisis for Alabama…opioid abuse and addiction.
State officials are trying to do something about it.Today health care professionals and government officials came together for an opioid crisis summit.
Matson adds that “we’ve never really had a war on drugs, only skirmishes” and that it’ll take help from everyone to tackle the opioid crisis in Alabama.
He says there’s been an alarming number of deaths related to opioid overdoses…and addiction seems to be escalating.
He says “the medical community has to step up, public health has to step up, the school system, government there’s sorts of aspects to this.


as mentioned in However, critics worry that losing the essential health mandate for addiction and mental health treatment could see patients facing much higher prices for care.

Those 4.6 million children able to access and afford mental health services averaged $1,931 each, which hardly seems fair (or efficient).
As of 2006, 36.2 million Americans also shelled big out for mental health services, totaling $57.5 billion or an average of $1,591 per person.
Without a mandated actuarial value on mental health and addiction services deemed to be “essential,” insurers could then charge patients a great portion, or higher prices, for their treatment.
Come 2020, the site says, the bill would end mandated “actuarial value” for insurance plans, which ensures a certain percentage of health costs gets covered by insurers.


as mentioned in Interviews for Resistance is a project of Sarah Jaffe, with assistance from Laura Feuillebois and support from the Nation Institute.

It is going to really, really hurt this population of immigrants who do not have another legal means of income to support themselves before they have work permits, it is going to, absolutely, disproportionately hurt them.
It has looked like trying to sell the idea that more law enforcement is going to solve our drug problems.
So, in the midst of a crisis where everybody’s friends and brothers are dying, we are eliminating things that work.
It is a place that has a lot of low income folks and the drug problems there are really serious.

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